They’re Back!

At this time of year in Arizona, we share our gardens with many different species of possibly harmful creatures.   It’s important we don’t put our hands or feet in areas we cannot see.  For safety we use a soil probe or long-handled garden tool to check the area first if needed. Not all rattlesnakes will […]

A Garden…Finally! First Steps

Starting a garden in the Arizona desert is quite an undertaking but not impossible with the right preparation.  Plans need to be made to protect your garden.  After struggling with the idea I needed a greenhouse for years, I decided all I really needed was some sort of fencing and some way to shade the […]

What is a Master Gardener?

As described by the American Horticultural Society’s web site, a Master Gardener is an individual who received intensive horticultural training who then volunteers as a Master Gardener in their community by giving lectures, creating gardens, conducting research, and many other projects.  If growing things and helping others is a passion of yours, you may be […]

OMW To Master Gardener

For several years I contemplated becoming a Master Gardener.  I first heard of the concept through friends who were actually doing just that!  I have always loved gardening and growing up, my parents always had a beautiful garden where we could enjoy flowers or pick vegetables for salad and other tasty treats. First, there was […]